Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ride 'Balik Kampong', Sightseeing Segamat & Tampin

3rd December 2011.. Since last weekend I was in Phuket, this week i need to Balik Kampong!!!
The route: KL - Labis (via PLUS Hiway) (Overnight)-Tenang-Segamat-Batu Anam-Gemas-Gemencheh-Tampin-Kota-Rembau-Seremban (via PLUS Hiway)-KL.
Total Mileage: About 600KM only (return)
Speed: 0 km/h - 150 km/h ("Santai")
Average speed: 120 km/h (still can consider as "Had Laju Kebangsaan")
Expenditure: RM10 for food & Approximately RM50 for petrol (Going & return - Twice refuel)
Toll Fare: RM Zero
Riding Satisfaction: Priceless...!!!

I dun bring any clothing. My stuff already @ Kampong..

Thing inside topbox. Just put like that. Its 7.30am already. need to rush start the journey ealier..

8.10am. Stopped a while @ Ayer keroh for drinks

my engine blink-blink!! hahaha just wash (by shop) polished it by myself yesterday.. Remove all dirt from Thailand.. 

Arrived @ Labis & stayed there for 2 nites.. Spend time playing with my kids: Totally priceless!!

3rd day: after sending my child to clinic for routine check-up.. Start my journey back to KL

Arrived @ Segamat Petronas for Petrol - 2nd refuel

Sightseeing @ Segamat Town. Segamat is a town and district located in the north of the state of Johor in Malaysia, bordering two other states (Negeri Sembilan on the west and Pahang on the north). It is located roughly 172 kilometres from Johor Bahru.

Crossing Segamat River near the town..

Segamat is a fast growing agricultural oil palm and rubber district, famous for its delicious durians, and the recent slogan used to attract tourists to Segamat is Selamat Datang ke Segamat - Tanah Raja Buah-buahan (Welcome to Segamat - The Land of King of Fruits).

This left junction heading to Muar

Visiting JKR Segamat - Just looking around the area...

Visiting Dataran Segamat. Dataran Segamat or Segamat Square was constructed in 1996 as the main venue for Johor's state level celebration of the Malaysian National Day. In 2005, when Segamat was once again chosen as the state-level host, Dataran Segamat was renovated beautifully. It also houses the clock tower and a durian replica that makes Dataran Segamat the landmark of Segamat. Location From My Zumo GPS: 2°30'40"N ; 102°48'50"E.

According to a local historian, the area used to be known as Rantau Panjang. In around 1511, a Bendahara (Prime Minister) of Melaka, Bendahara Tepok and his troops were retreating to Johor after the fall of Melaka to the invading Portuguese forces led by Afonso de Albuquerque. The Bendahara and his troops stopped and rested by a river in the area and drank water from the river. After the drink, the Bendahara exclaimed, "Segar amat!", or "Very refreshing!" in Malay, and named the river Segar Amat, which over time evolved into Segamat. However, initially the name Segamat only applied to the river. The settlement which later became Segamat was originally called Rantau Panjang. The town assumed the river's name only at the turn of the 20th century.

Dataran Segamat surrounding area

Heading to Gemas (Bordering Johor & Negeri Sembilan)

This right junction heading to Muadzam Shah (Kuantan) pass through Keratong (Bordering Johor & Pahang)

Spotted this Secret tank  ?

with outrider..

Arrived @ Gemas town

Visiting Gemas Railway Station

Another new infrastructure project from Malaysia Government

Upgrading works @ Gemas Railway Station

Gemas Town

Come across this thing again.. Tanks in the town!!

Heading to Tampin. According to Wikipedia, Tampin was originally governed by the Rembau administration (Member of Parliament - Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor [my big boss..kihkih] . After the Naning War in 1832 Raja Ali declared himself the ruler of Seri Menanti and his son-in-law, Syed Shaaban, as the ruler of Rembau. This enraged other rulers of Negeri Sembilan as they had no right to the posts. In 1834 a civil war ensued, which resulted in Raja Ali and Syed Shaaban retreating to Tampin and the area from Mount Tampin to Putus Hill being removed from Rembau. This area consisting of the provinces Repah, Keru, Tebong and Tampin Tengah formed the district known as Tampin. Syed Shaaban became the first ruler of Tampin and proclaimed himself the title Tunku Besar Tampin. The district is one of the original nine states collectively known as Negeri Sembilan, which means "Nine States" in Malay.

View of Tampin Mountain

Arrived Tampin. Tampin gets its name from the container or pouch weaved from the pandanus fronds. The container was used to store condiments such as the kelamai or dodol and the shrimp paste belacan. The district of Tampin is also called Luak Tampin as the word luak is the local term for district.

Heading to Hutan Lipur Gunung Tampin

Spotted this new housing area near the place. Its look luxurious man!!

My V need to climb the road..

Totally forest area

Narrow road...

& full with corners...

The area full with oxygen.. Suitable for walking & Jogging..!

Going down.. See u.. Continue journey back to KL...

After overtake some of the vehicles...SUDDENLY....!!!

Heiya..!! its on towed...!!

Arrived home around 5pm. Around 7pm, my brother in-law call me & he said "Salam Zul, its me... I want to apologize. When u go to clinic by car, I try your bike. Your bike has fallen when i was wrongly put the single stand... Its really heavy Zul..." WHAT??? Aparently the day was tragic-day.. My Versys down for its very 1st time!!!... Huhuhu....  (I just sad becoz My brother in-law just take the key & try my versys without inform to me 1st.. this is no regular/ordinary bike.. this is not kapcai.. this is Versys!!!)

I didnt notice during the ride the becoz its only minor scratched (Thank God!!) Its on lower side of my leftbox & @ the engineguard... 

No more blink-blink... I'm not angry with him anyway.. It was happen & let it be his lesson & lesson to me too!!! Moral of the story:??????!!