Thursday, December 27, 2012

Road Accidents in Malaysia: Data Analysis On Motorcycle Users

Recently, Superbike Community in Malaysia was shocked by death of a young man (aged 16 years old) due to a road accident. Type of motorcycle involved in the accident was Honda CBR 1000cc (Rabbit)!!!!! 
Everybodies know that what was happen is the provision of God. But we who are still alive need to take it as lessons... Here i would like to share some statistics on motorcycles accidents in Malaysia...

This writing is solely for informational purposes only. I didn't intend to offend anyone...

All data, information and statistics presented here are based on the analysis result from 4 University of Technology Malaysia (UTM) students research in 2003. Data on road crash were analysed for a period of 14 years starting from 1985 to 1998 which was gathered from Statistical Report Road Crash. Information here may have expired due to modernization. However, we can imagine that this information was changed... as now everyone afford to buy a motorcycles... Instead, nowadays we can see that Superbike Riders are everywhere....
The number of accident for every 1,000,000,000 km registered motorcycle increased from 0.45 in year 1990 to 0.82 to in the year 1998 with an increase of 82.2%. However, the number of death for every 1,000 motorcycles involved in accidents reduced form 56.9% in the year 1990 to 41.2% in the year 1998. This data showed that the move taken to reduce the death of motorcycle users had achieved the target, but the moves taken to reduce the number accidents need to be revised. Data analysis from Statistical Report Road Crash showed that the causes of accident were due to human factor based on the fact that more than 59% accident occurred on straight road, more than 59% occurred at rural areas and 67.2% involved in accident was between 11 – 30 years of age. This fact showed that most accidents occurred due to carelessness, not familiar, and lack of disciplines while maneuvering the motorcycle. It was thought that enforcement and education on road safety at primary school could reduce road crash. This data analysis also showed that motorcycle user has lower probability to be involved in an accident for every 1,000,000 km registered vehicles compared with other vehicle users.

Diagram 1 : No. of Death vs Year
(Motorcycle Riders was the highest)

Diagram 2: Accident Location, % of Death vs Year  
(Accident at straight road was the highest)

 Diagram 3: % of Death refer to age
(person aged 11-30years old killed in accident was the highest)

Diagram 4: With helmet / Without Helmet?

 Diagram 5: No. of Motorcycle Users was the highest on the road


My viewpoint, the most effective methods to reduce the % up here is changing the attitudes and habits of the motorcycle rider... This may through the enforcement. After that, through an education. What is ur view on this..?

Sunday, December 23, 2012


21st & 22nd December 2012...
Its Kuala Lumpur Bike Week 2012 !!!
5th event that organized by Red Garage Enterprise...
The venue was at parking lot next to KLCC building...

Program at the place...

I came on the 2nd day... Here I share some of the photo...



Sunday, December 16, 2012

From Bikers For Gaza @ TWG

SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR : 16 December 2012 - Aqsa Sharif with the cooperation of TWO WHEEL GARAGE (TWG) as organizer initiate a program 'From Bikers For Gaza' to get as much donation as posible from sales of product, apparels etc by various clubs of superbike owners to lessen the burden of the war victims in Palestine. All the proceeds will be channeled to Palestine via Aqsa Syarifs's fund.

The event is held at Two Wheel Garage in Glenmarie after a series of road tours with the cooperation of superbike clubs all over the country. The superbike clubs involved are Empire Rhea, Jugra Bikers, VOG, Ampang Bikers, All Bikers Club, Manjung Bikers, Free Rider, VOCM, Saka Riders and Kelbikes Kota Bharu.

There were also sharing session by Aqsa Sharif ambassador, Afdlin Shauki, in regards with his experience visiting our unfortunate brothers & sisters in Gaza recently.

"Aqsa Sharif has been active active in collecting donation from individuals, government and private agencies in Malaysia. The proceeds will be given to the citizens of Palestineas well as refugee camps in Beiru, Jordan and Syria," said the Director of Aqsa Syarif, Professor Madya Dr. Hafizi Mohd Noor. He added, "this program is a platform for superbike owners toshow their support and compassion towards the humanitarian issues as well as lending a helping hands for those who are in need".

To ensure the succesw of 'From Bikers For Gaza', superbike clubs held road tours and charity sales of their clubs' merchandises as well as bike accersories throughtout the country. The proceeds will be given to the Aqsa Syariff fund.

Azman Baharuddin, Managing Director of Two Wheel Garage said, "From Bikers For Gaza jointly organized by TWG and Aqsa Syarif os a way to support the struggle for peace in Palestine as well as to initiate the culture of providing to the needs of those who are unfortunate among bikers as well as Malaysians."

He added, " it is an obligation to help those who are unfortunatr and since the superbike clubs are made of individuals from the different background, it has the capacity to ensure the success of this program through their strong ties among each other".

Program 'From Bikers For Gaza' jointly organized by Aqsa Syarif and TWG has been held in various locations and the total amount of the proceeds will be announced at the end of the road tour held in TWG, Glenmarie.

We get together at Duta Toll Plaza near the Shell Station. Then straight to here to have breakfast.

Arrived at TWG

Food & Merchandise Booth

Bro Maxazman Shah (also biker) share his experience on his recent visit to Gaza....

Afdlin Shauki also come for the 'sharing experience' session

DJ in the house

A flash mob presentation during the event...

Superbike Clubs reps on fundraising handover ceremony (1st from left : Director of Aqsa Syarif, Professor Madya Dr. Hafizi Mohd Noor ..)

Alhamdulillah!!!.. everything was  in order.. Congratulation to Jihad and others (which I cannot mention all here) for the participation and involvement. Allahhuakbar 3X!!!!!