Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ride escort Selangor's MB

15th October 2011. The program was to escort Selangor's MB to Batu Arang for the Celebration of 100 years Batu Arang...

RV point @ Rawang Toll. Before that, VOG having breakfast at Country Homes, Rawang....

The Crowd...

Briefing from from the organizer..

We left the convoy after escort... 

With Irman aka KEMUT..!

Cendol Time!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ride to Krabi, Thailand (2011)

Koh Samui Gateway.. Still Day 4.. 9th October 2011, just after lunch @ Ranoong, we rolled the tyre towards Krabi, Thailand...


Full Tank & Rest here.. Somewhere @ Suratthani

Thailand Soldiers


Boringgg... hahhaha

My cockpit

About to reach Krabi..!

Welcome to Krabi..!!


The Route..

We decided to stay here.. finding hotels @ Krabi..

hahaha... True Overlander..

Muslim stall @ Aonang, Krabi

Alem.. kakakaka...

Check-in @ Srisuksant Resort Hotel. Srisuksant Resort a boutique resort located at the front of Noppharatthara beach, a white sandy beach on the Andaman Sea and the romantic beautiful of a sunset view point, Ao-nang district in Krabi province. It's the famous destination for sea canoeing hidden lagoon, scuba diving water sport and the beaches for the travelers.

Srisuksant Resort is allocated at Nopparatthara Beach, Aonang, Krabi, Thailand. The best location in Aonang which is opposite of the beach,10 Minutes walking to Shopping Area and 30 Minutes by transportation to Krabi International Airport.

Shopping Area

Taxi to destination

Koh Samui Gateway Day 5.... 10th October 2011.. Our lastday.. Today going back to KL... Distance from Krabi to my house about 830 Kilometers. 

The Route from Krabi to KL

Breakfast before going back to KL...

Group photo...


Bye-bye Krabi...

Going back to South.. Krabi - Hat Yai - Sadao - Bukit Kayu Hitam

Safely arrived @ Changloon, Malaysia.... & then safely arrived @ home around 11pm..

This time, Total riding distance about =  +- 2600 Kilometers