Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ride to Phuket, Thailand - Part 3 (Revisit Hat Yai)

I really missed something @ Hat Yai. Its time to say BYE-BYE to PHUKET..! Before leaving, we took a photo as our memories in Patong, Phuket.. Overall i can say Phuket has very nice beach & really happening nitelife..  I can see Thailand people cooperately cleaning thier beaches & cooperately also happening the nite @ Bangla Road with sound & shows.. Congratulations to Phuket people..!!!

Memories @ Patong Beach, Phuket...

Irman showing Exora @ Phuket..

Photoshoot @ Sarasin Bridge (route exit Phuket)

With Irman

Bye-bye Phuket.. See u next time..

Buddhist Temple with Hindu God Idol near Phuket

During our journey to Hat Yai (Junction exit to Krabi, from phuket heading to Trang), we decided to have lunch @ Muslim Stall near Aonang, Krabi. The location just 16 kilometers from the junction (information from my GPS Garmin Zumo)

Arrived @ Hat Yai around 8.30pm.. Check-in hotel then straight away to Hat Yai town to find our dinner.  Actually, this is the thing that i really missed in Hat Yai... Pulut Mangga!!!

On the next morning.. I cant believe it when looking @ this 2 familiar faces.. Faisal & Saif also in the town..!! 

Faisal showing good mood sign.. But the sky infront showing 'no good' sign..

Irman with her girl..."Pan Cake-Versys"

Heading to Songkhla. Reffering to Wikipedia, the name Songkhla is actually the Thai corruption of Singgora, its original name means 'the city of lions' in Malay. This refers to a lion-shaped mountain near the city of Songkhla. Songkhla was the seat of an old Malay Kingdom with heavy Srivijayan influence. In ancient times (200 AD - 1400 AD), Songkhla formed the northern extremity of the Malay Kingdom of Langkasuka. The city-state then became a tributary of Nakhon Si Thammarat, suffering damage during several attempts to gain independence. Since the 18th century, Songkla has been firmly under Thai suzerainty. 

Bro Saif in action

Heavy rain started. We stopped a while for raincoat & repair saif's helmet

Lift ticket to Tang Kuan Hill. Theysay got temple & can see Samila Beach from top of the hill. Got a lot of monkey hang-out up there also. However we not going up. We just hang-out near the station.

Irman & Saif.. kahkahkah

We went to Samila beach..

Translation pleaseee...!!!

Group photo..

Saif & Irman went to Golden Mermaid Statue to take pictures.. Faisal & me just relax @ the bench chatting.

Around 3pm, we took tut-tut to Hat Yai floating market...

Saif & Irman change their money first...

While waiting, Faisal chatting with tut-tut driver "Ali". Can call his number (0816096427) to get special hat yai tour with special price... 

Arrived @ floating market area..

as usual.. exotic food @ Thailand.

Klonghae Floating Market in Hat Yai. Other Floating market also got @ Bangkok, Phuket & Pattaya...

People @ floating market. During my visit, most of tourist are from Malaysia..The Klonghae Floating Market is actually situated by a river and is divided into three sections. A general area where stalls are stationed on land with seating areas, the main boat hawkers which are stationed by the river and across the bridge on the ground. While the tourists will flock to the riverside for the amazing experience, the locals mostly hang out at the main area. I believe you can easily spend a good 30-45 minutes by the river before moving to the seated area.

Khlong Hae Floating Market is the first floating market of southern Thailand. It intended to retrieve old-way trading of the local people that depended on waterway transportation.

The market offers mostly food and agricultural produces of its locality it also provides sightsocing tour by boat. It opens on Fridays-Sundays during 15:00 – 21:00 Hrs.and organized by klong Hoe Municipality.

One unique feature here was that some of the boat hawkers sold drinks in custom made bamboo cups or porcelain containers

This is how the hawkers pass the food..

After eating snacks @ floating market, we went back to the town. Tut-tut got his VOG sticker..

Spotted this hat yai city climate banner..

We have dinner @ muslim restaurant near the town. I cant remember the name of the place..

Last day - Riding back to Malaysia.. Check-out & have breakfast here.. 

We plan to exit Thailand via Padang Besar, Perlis

Arrived @ Padang Besar Immigration & Custom. Quiet place compared with Bukit Kayu Hitam..

Buy some Chocolate here

Stopped @ Petronas Padang Besar for fuel. Cheaper rate per liter compared if u refuel @ Thailand.

Stopped @ Timah Tasoh Dam near Padang Besar - Kangar road for photoshooting...

Arrived @ Pak Tuan's House... Thank you Pak Tuan for ur kind hospitality... (Pak Tuan is one of senior VOG member - North-VOG)

Photoshoot with Pak Tuan & his son before continue ride to KL. Its 4pm already!!! Myself reached home around 12.00am... 

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