Friday, March 9, 2012

Ride to Koh Samui (on the Raja Ferry & arrived @ Lamai, Koh Samui)

Still on 2nd day of the ride.. 2nd March 2012.. Posting before this was about the journey from Nakhon to the ferry pier (Donsak Pier).. If you wish to view it... , U can click here: Ride-to-koh-samui-nakhon-si-thammarat..

Now.. my brother & me on the Ferry already.. Woohoo..!! According to my GPS.. Raja Ferry cruising at 18 kilometre per hour..So its going to be 1.5 hours on board.. So...!! now both of us can just relax inside the ferry..!!

Our bike parked on the front line... so need to stanby earlier when the ferry about to reach Koh Samui..!!

Other vehicles...

What else!!?? Photoshoot..!

Bye-bye Donsak.. See u next 2 days..

Inside the Raja Ferry..

Relax here..

Ayyo!! Sleep already haa??

After an hour..the GPS shows that about to reach the Island..!!

Going down to the bike..

The ferry stopped. Waiting Ferry door to open..

Hello Samuii...!!!


Huh??? 837 km Only From Setapak, KL, Malaysia to Koh Samui, Thailand..??!! Ngee!! No wonder i don feel tired at all..!!


About 12.30pm local time..we reached here @ Muslim Restaurant Near Bangkok Hospital, Chaweng, Koh Samui...

Eat , eat & eat!!! yummmyummmm!!.. Chicken Beriyani + Meat Soup..!!

He says that he's not hungry..  but why he's eating so fast!!??

Burrrgggkk!!! (look at his stomach...!!)

Just finished our lunch.. now need to find the room / hotel..

Lalalala.. Look at the elephant rock.. Located @ the journey from Chaweng to Lamai, Koh Samui..

Popcorn on the truck??

During my 1st visit to Koh Samui ( my friend & me stayed @ Samui First Hotel near Chaweng.. This time, i've decided to stay here.... Near Lamai, Koh Samui.. futher more, i heard that Hadi Hussien's convoy also staying here..   

Uninstall the luggage from the bike..

Here we are...!!!  wohooo..!!!

Got massage!! hmmm..!!


Our room...

This is how inside the room..

view from our room..

Receptions + Cafeteria + Bar + Survenior Shop... everything is here...

In general.., this place was very nice place to stay.. & the room rate also quite cheap!!.. i've decided to stay here for 2 nights.. lalalala!!!!

Next writing will be about the place where we visit... Click here: Koh samui island tour day 1

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