Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ride Patin Fish, Temerloh, Pahang

16 July 2011.. Meeting point at BHP Gombak..  The Destination: Temerloh, Pahang... The Mission: To have lunch... 'ikan patin masak tempoyak".. Ayie, Akib; Khairul Azman also join the ride....

Just arrived @ Temerloh

Durian after patin... delicious beb!!!

Group photo....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Versys Accersories - Acumen Gear Indicator + Voltmeter

Bought this thing from Singapore. Now easier to indicate the gear. Can monitor battery life also!


Gear position is calculated from the relationship between the engine speed and the road speed. This information comes from the electrical pulses fed to the tacho and speedo. Once the DGV has this information and it has learned the relationship between the frequency of speedo pulses to tacho pulses in first gear it can then recognise the distinct change in this relationship for the remaining gears.

Wiring information

Price @ Singapore. Quite expensive compared to here (Selling by shahadan). What to do.. i bought this thing too early..

Firstly i went to Sunvay cycle to do the wiring... After waiting for quite sometime...they fail to make it done!!!.. Might be Something wrong.. & the best part was... they blame that the things already damaged!! Cheap...! 

Ah Hoi

Trying many times but still fail..

After that I went to Sunny Cycle.. Panjang make it done with very nice work !

Tadaaa... Nice nice!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ride to Hat Yai Songkla, Thailand

The trip was held on 1-3 July 2011. Since I never visit Hat Yai before, I'm deciding to join Chor Aidil, Kayrun, Faisal, Ayie, Akib and Farid... The RV point was at Sungai Buloh R&R..  We decided to roll the tyre @ 1200 am.. The route will be KL - Bukit Kayu Hitam - Danok - Hatyai.....
Flag-off @ r&r Sg. Buloh

Vee sign.. I'm ready.. 

This trip I only bring my panniers...  leaved my topbox @ home.. so i'm more faster..hahaha..

My Buddy..  Relax @ Sg Perak R&R

We have bfast @ Penang around 730am.. Straight to Changloon after that....Posing @ Changloon Petronas Station. Here need to change the money to buy the insurance..

Passport Checking @ Malaysia's Imigration

Bye2 Malaysia.. about to enter Thailand

Vee sign again.. ready again

Dr Kayrun bring out his camera for some photoshoot..

The Happy faces

What about this sign???? 

Lunch @ Danok

Safely arrived @ Grand Regency Hotel, Hat Yai around 330pm.. We met bro Shawal @ the hotel.. 

Some Shopping with Akib..

 The next morning, I'm ready again... Today we plan to meet the Mermaid @ Samila Beach, Songkla

 We met this uncle 1st..

Finally.. we found the mermaid...This Golden Mermaid Statue was built in B.E. 2509 in sitting position with bronze by Jitre Buabus (Professor Prakit Buabus, a National Artist in Visual Art (painting) of 2002) with a budget of 60,000 Baht in those period of time from Songkhla Municipality. In following to a Thai mythaical tale which Sa-nga Karnchanakhabhanth told that a mermaid would sat on a beach and combed her hair on the other days. On day a fisherman passed  by that frightened the mermaid and made her escaped into the sea while forgetting her golden comb. So, the fisherman kept the golden comb and often waited for the mermaid at the beach but she had never shown up at all.


Goin back to Hat Yai & find some food.. hungry wei..!!!

The night before we leave Hat Yai.. Yummy..! Pulut Mangga & Teh Tarik Ais Hat Yai.. I really miss both of this...!!

Tea Time @ Changloon.. before riding back to KL..

We start rolling at early morning. It was very heavy rain in Hat Yai.. Journey from Hat Yai to Danok took 2 hourss...  But all of us really enjoy the ride.. The important things we all come back home in 1 piece.. Thanks to Allah..!!