Thursday, June 30, 2011

1st VOG Reunion & Gathering Nite @ Permaisuri Resort, PD

As shown in the picture... 122 Versys rider from all over Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei gathered & mingle with one another... Thanks to the organizer; Bro Shawal aka LongMan for the unforgettable events.. I give 5 star for the chosen Location, Accommodation, Food & the Entertainment provided..

The fees was RM100.. for a Dinner, 2 nos VOG T-Shirts, VOG Sticker & chances to win lucky draw!! hahaha...

The Convoy... About 50-60 versys owner from central region (C-VOG) gathered & convoy to Permaisuri Resort. Where is me? 1st from right... 2nd from left was the fastest... hahaha!!

Me busy taking pictures and pictures and pictures..!!! By using on board camera, all i need to do is direct the camera to the object & snappp!!!


 Mingle around  with the other V owners..   Talking about technical, ride & accessories 

 Tooooo many many Versys on the ground..!!!


Wat u guys looking at? Touching my lady somemore....!!

Dinner time..

The awaited program.... Enterrrrrtaiments!!!!!
Walawei..!! U guys looks sooo happy!!! 

Permaisuri Resort in Havoc....!!!

Jihad.. dont miss the chance..!!!

Not staying.. me & other C-VOG buddy going back to KL

Another TTS @ R&R Seremban

VOG Event in newspaper!!.. VOG Rock..!! VOG best bro!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Versys Accersories - Sticker for key area & fuel tank cover

I DIY the sticker so that  i dont scratched the panel near the key area & the tank cover...Save the cost!!

Using cheap Sticker..

Sticker @ fuel tank cover

Monday, June 20, 2011

Shah Alam Bike Week

19 June 2011.. Nothing to do today... So i've decided to go to Shah Alam Bike Week located @ Shah Alam Stadium parking space...  What a poor Bike Week... Not happening at all... Shame to post photo @ the event... Just attend to meet Versys buddy.. Here some gathering photo..

Meeting point. We all having breakfast first..

With Taja & Bro Khairul Azman

Group photo...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Versys Accersories - Sportlights & Strobe Lights

My 6th Project on Versys... 18 June 2011.. I went again to Mah Seng.. This time i want to put spotlite & strobelite to my versys...  actually i went to Mah Seng for the installation only (because Ah Choong is good in wiring.. hehe). I bought the lights at car accersories shop.. 'Star Car Accersories' shop located @ Desa Pandan (Near McD)... The shop Owner..Kenny.. is my Gym buddy.. 

The spotlite already come with the brackets.. but only for car.. Need to mod the brackets..

Bracket on right side...

Strobelights installed.!! 

This time ah choong quite bzzz.. installation of the lights by his skilled mechanics.. Wiring works would be by him.. 

I used this kind of switch..just locate it at the handle bar... No need to make hole at the original meter panel to put the switch...

 Really need to creative & patience in this modification of brackets.. Otherwise the lights will not equal both side..

Bracket on Left side...

To make sure it doesnt fall during very hiiiiighspeed..!!! hahaha

Its look equal @ nite...

Looks equal @ day oso...  waaa..!! now she look so angry laa.. Why u want to angry to me...??

From this angle...

the switch.... Left for strobelights.. Right for Sportlights..

How much the cost..???. I'm dying...!!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ride To Betong, Thailand

11 June 2011. Meeting point @ R&R Rawang..This is my very 1st ride with VOG (Versys Owner Group) gangs.. Bro Shawal, Zuri, Jeff, Chor Aidil, Faisal & Me represent VOG to conquer Thailand earth.. (hahaha to Betong only..). The ride was also called as 'White Elephant Expedition'.. hahaha Tooooo Much haah??.. 

Flag-off by Khairul Azman, Collin, Shahadan and Chon (Chon supposedly join the ride but he excused during the last second..)..

Water? - Checked, Camera? - Checked...

During this time.. Faisal still didnt appear.. Walawei alwazz late comer la this Faisal.. kihkih...

Me ready..

Bye-bye... c U..!!

Rest for Oxygen @ R&R Tapah..  Even got sign on top of the head.. haaaa 

I bring all 3 boxes.. got many toy inside to bring.. kekeke..

Chor Aidil showing his skills in taking corner.. can see fire spark (box touching the premix)... No laaa.. joking only...!!

The weather.... clear @ cool....

@ the border.. Pengkalan Hulu (Perak) and Betong, Thailand 

Photoshoot @ border..

Versys relax after +- 370 kilometer of journey.. (1 Way)

Passport checking & chop @ Betong Imigration. After this, need to enter Custom section before entering Betong..

We choose this hotel as suggested by Bro Shawal..

Check-in time... nearly 2.00pm Thailand time.. (3.00pm Malaysia Time)

This is the place where we hv lunch.. Thailand Muslim Stall in Betong..

Relax @ Hotel Lobby...  Haiiyaaa.. cameramen with his cigarette smoke..

Clock Tower @ Betong, Thailand

Night View...
Swallows on the wires.. Too many overhead wires... Too many swallows.. & too many bird-shit...

The next day.. 12 June 2011 morning.. Time to go back

Relax a while @ bus stop near Petronas @ Grik. Here my handphone got line oredy...

We have our lunch here... 

Reached R&R Ulu Bernam.. Versys the Best..!!

Thank you guys...U Guys rock!! Riding with u guys was an exiciting experience...