Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Solo Ride To Southernmost Tip Of Mainland Asia - Tg Piai

20 June 2012. Hmm.. clear that yesterday was a stressfull day (singapore ride). It might be the culture there, everything need to que, everything need to wait & most everything need to pay... Everyone there also look in rushing. Very good for economy but not so good in social... still love u Malaysia.. Ride back to KL today...gonna pay a visit Tanjung Piai, Johor first!!

Check-out from hotel after breakfast

My destination - Tg. Piai (The Southernmost Tip Of Mainland Asia)

Arrived Tg Piai. Not so far frm JB.

Self taken photo..hahaha (i put the camera on the bike seat)

This alley just next to actual road... I'm Lost!!

Arrived at the National Park

"Lifelong learners, welcome to this park..." - TQVMuch!

RM5.00 entry ticket for adult

Have to walk about 653 meters from here to the Southernmost Tip Of Mainland Asia...

mangrove forest in Malaysia

New walkway as the old one washed by the wave

Not so good revetmet / breakwater

Arrived here. Looks like they build something on the jetty by the bridge...

Congratulations!!! Another self tahen photo.

Camera on the floor

"Veni, Vidi, Vici" or "I Came, I Saw, I Conquered" is a Latin sentence reportedly written by Julius Caesar in 47 BC as a comment on his short war with Pharnaces II of Pontus in the city of Zile, Turkey.

A quote attributed to King Jan III of Poland after the 17th-century Battle of Vienna - "Venimus, Vidimus, Deus vincit" ("We come, We see, God conquers") - is considered an allusion to the phrase.

A misspelled version of the phrase ("Vini, Vidi, Vici") has been used as a motto of the United States Army Sniper School

After complete the visit, I was supprise when looking at the food that i bought at JB lying around on the floor!!

What the hell..!!! Who doing thisss!!!!???

my potato chip...huhu..

My Coffee... Arghh!!


While taking photo.. here come another.. he's trying to take my drinks and make my helmet fall down!! Wargghh!! The  Gangster group come to attack me..!!

some scratches and footprints...

Hmmm.. It was your luck ("rezeki") to take my food. But dont take my jacket. Its not your size anyway!

you are lucky coz i'm alone here... it so unfair coz you bring your gangs....

*** Leaving the place.. straight to KL after that... TQ for reading..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Solo Ride To Singapore

19th June 2012. I didnt plan this ride at all. Night before, I just call few of my friend to get the infomation about Singapore checkpoint procedure...

Boring Malaysia Highway

Refuel and rest a while at RnR Pagoh

Arrived Skudai. Try to search money changer at the border

Heading to Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI or CIQ Building) but need to go to JB Sentral to change the money. I've informed by my friend that money changer at JB Sentral offer very good rate...  

Arrived JB Sentral

Singapore Dollar..
(Exchange rate on 19June: S$1.00 = RM2.492) 

Have to turn back to CIQ Building

Motorcycle lane to CIQ Building (to Malaysia Immigration & Custom Checkpoint)

Immigration check at CIQ Building. Scan Pasport here. Malaysian people who working at Singapore doesnt need to stop here as they have the work permit...

Motorcycle lane heading to causeway.

The Malaysia - Singapore Causeway.  Malaysia - Singapore causeway is a 1,056-metre causeway that links the city of Johor Bahru in Malaysia across the Straits of Johor to the town of Woodlands in Singapore. It serves as a road, rail, and pedestrian link, as well as water piping into Singapore.

Motorcycles need to keep left

Arrived Woodlands Checkpoint

Have to prepare Pasport and whitecard here. Also need to show Malaysia IC if 1st time to Singapore.

Settled immigration matters. Next section will be Customs checking

Every motorcycle need to stop infront of the Custom officer. Need to open the panniers / topbox when he ask to...

As my Versys 1st time in Singapore, need to purchase Autopass Card for her.. Autopass Card is a stored-value smart card for paying Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) fees, toll charges and ERP fees in Singapore. The card can only be sold to foreign motorists. As vehicle information is encoded in the card, it is not transferable between vehicles. It can also act as a CashCard for all CashCard transactions such as paying carparks that use the CashCard system

Autopass Cards slotted in In-Vehicle units (IU) installed in the vehicle automatically are deducted when the vehicle passes through an ERP gantry. If one does not have an IU, they can take a daily pass to enter the ERP areas such as the Central Business District and Orchard Road. The pass is purchased at $10. But from my study, I heard that motorcycle are NOT ALLOWED to enter the road if the ERP gantry is active. Singapore $70  compound will be charged to motorcycle rider if he stop or enter an active ERP Gantry..

The Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) scheme is an electronic toll collection scheme adopted in Singapore to manage traffic by road pricing, and as a usage-based taxation mechanism to complement the purchase-based Certificate of Entitlement system. The ERP was implemented by the Land Transport Authority in September 1998 to replace the Singapore Area Licensing Scheme after successfully stress-testing the system with vehicles running at high speed.

Singapore was the first city in the world to implement an electronic road toll collection system for purposes of congestion pricing.

By using the ERP Guideline book and my Zumo, i've plan my journey here by avoiding an active ERP area... most of the gantry in-active after 10.00am.

In Active ERP Gantry

In conclussion, there are few things that need to consider when bringing our vehicle to Singapore. (1. Autopass, 2. ERP, 3. Toll, 4. Parking)

Heading to Jalan Besar and Kelantan Lane

1st shop: Regina Specialities

2nd shop : Lim Ah Boy (near regina)

3rd shop: Alpinestar Shop (near Regina)

The one and only Halal stall at the foodcourt. Rest and lunch here (Infront Ah Boy)

4th shop : Moto World boutique at Lavender street. After that 5th shop at Moto World near Kaki Bukit (taking photo are not allowed)

6th shop: Biketech21 Bikes and Rider Accersories at Dunlop street

7th shop : Chong Aik at Desker Road

Due to MRT construction, 8th Shop : Chiap Lee moved to 150 Jalan Besar

9th shop : Profile Asia (infront of Regina)

10th shop : Powerstar shop (infront Regina)

rest a while and meet new friend here..

Heading to Auto Bay at Kaki Bukit. Planning to go to 11th shop: M-Technik at Paya Ubi

12th shop : Sporting Motors at Auto Bay Kaki Bukit

13th shop : Unique Motorsports at Auto Bay

Planning to go to M-Technik but its too late. The shop close already... (M-Technik selling stuff like Hepco Beckers, Wunderlinch, Barkbuster, etc etc)

9pm, this is what happen when i try to cross back to Malaysia... Massive Traffic Jams!! Thousands of motorcycle with me. I heard already that the checkpoint will be busy around 5pm to 9pm. 2nd wave of traffic will be at 11pm - 2am.

Safely arrived Johor Bahru around 10.45pm and check in at Grand Blue Wave Hotel, JB...