Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lobaikers TTS - Approching 2012 Aidilfitri (Fogiveness Session)

Location: NZ Restaurant Wangsa Maju (The Big one... )

Last nite, the initial plan was at Grilled Burger near the old NZ Restaurant (Wangsa Maju). Because the shop was closed & parking problems, the venue was changed..

About 30 rider were present. TQ guys!!

Regardless near or far.. from Kajang, Nilai, Klang, Seremban etc etc..  they have attended..

Technical discussion about how to innovate Car Radiator Fan (cost about RM 100 over ONLY BELOM PASANG)  to replace spoiled Versys Radiator Fan (cost about RM 1800 OVER SIAP PASANG!!)

Goods being sold during TTS.. 
Lobaikers sticker - can get from Lobai...
Kuih Buah Rotan... - can get from Suria Manja..
Perfume & ADV Stickers.. - can get from Ek Kemo..
and Last but not least...  new food product with nano technology to replace sugar sweeteners.. JL3.. u can get it from me... haha..! 
Lobaikers sticker.. Note the kopiah (skull cap) on top of "B" word...

perfume and ADV Stickers

looks like helmet for sale.. heee..

About 12.30am before going back.. every bodies shake hand & say sorry to each other..

and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers.... 


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Cornering Techniques

Hi all.. 
Just to share something... The Cornering technique instructions... Got it from southbayriders forum.. The illustration about body positioning when cornering... Even if you are a brave and very confident rider,  the techniques must be correct.... Lets learn & discuss it together...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

TTS - VOG @ Bangi Kopitiam Taman Melawati

Date & Time : 8 August, 2012 (10pm - 1am)
Venue : Bangi Kopitiam, Taman Melawati, Ulu Kelang
Agenda :  Meeting to discuss Ramadhan/Charity Fund Raising Programme.
Meeting Decision :  I dont know.. I'm late.. haaa.. What ever it is.. I agree (as long as its good & benefit to all)..

More or less 30 bikes at the place

Jebat, Aidil, Fuad & Arep Kulal.. never tired of talking about modification. This time they discuss on how to fix siren at Versys.. and the best sound of siren.."wooooooooooo!!!!"

Meeting about VOG charity program just finished when I've arrived. Simple meeting i guess! Bravo guys..

Bro Syed with "crazy" guy (Hadi Hussien - Solo rider to London) also here... I remember Hadi's quote about "Remaja Purba" (Ancient Teenagers)....  wether he asked me the question or he is calling himself "Remaja Purba"... Haaaa.. just joke Broh!!!

New Groom.. Errr.. issit really new?

My juices.. Kedondong + Assam Boi 

Program Manager / Mr Chairman of the day thanks to all attendees

Photo Session with Bro Kid (Search)...Owner of the place...