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Thailand Halal Food GPS Coordinate & Information

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Hi all...
Based on my limited knowledge and observation, I find that it is difficulties to some of new Muslim traveler to get halal food in Thailand...

Actually, there are many restaurant / stall selling halal food in Thailand.... Therefore, the following information is about Islam food or halal food restaurant / stall that can be use by the traveler in Thailand. This information is basicly limited only to the extent of the places that I have gone through and the information that I get based on my own research.

I also hope that if there are certain parties that have other information regarding the matter,  kindly to share here (post a comment here) so that the information can be updated here...

It is hoped that the information from this noble effort can be used by other traveler...

InsyaAllah, if this project successfull, similar efforts will be made to the nearest country such as Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and China...

All suggestions and your efforts here are highly appreciated. Only Allah can repay your kindness.... TQVM!!

Position or Halal food GPS Coordinate at:...........

Southern Thailand

1) Songkhla / Hatyai:
    Islam Songkhla 1 N7 10.336 E100 36.709
    Islam Songkhla 2 N7 09.680 E100 36.348
    Islam Songkhla 3 N7 12.118 E100 36.214
   (Many more!! easy to find!!)

2) Patthalung:
    Along Patthalung to Si Thamarat N7 53.448 E99 55.734

3) Nakhon Si Thamarat:
    Restaurant/stall along coastal road N8 36.054 E99 57.095
    Halal Restaurant 1 N8 25.916 E99 57.692
    Halal Restaurant 2 N8 25.947 E99 57.635
    Tha Sala N8 39.277 E99 55.219

4) Chumphon:
    Stall / Restaurant 1 N10 34.886 E99 06.962
    Along Chumphon to P. Khiri Khan N11 29.541 E99 36.060

5) Suratthani:
     Restaurant along Suratthani - Chumphon 
     N9 24.337 E99 09.970
     N9 27.669 E99 09.212
     N9 46.862 E99 04.729
     Near Ko Pha-ngan N9 41.996 E100 01.720

6) Trang:
     Thai Islam N7 33.006 E99 36.337

7) Krabi:
    Soliha Islam N8 01.884 E98 51.752
    Thetsaban N8 04.023 E99 00.071
    Near Highway 4 N8 06.704 E98 52.620
    Near Koh Lanta N7 34.396 E99 02.113
    Banlay Aeshah N8 02.069 E98 49.136

8) Phuket:
    Near Phangga 1 N9 13.891 E98 23.467
    Babyra near Phangga 2 N9 13.698 E98 23.142
    Yasin Restaurant N7 57.035 E98 17.158
    Near Thalang N8 05.975 E98 18.410
    Halal Dirham near Thalang N7 59.154 E98 17.287

9) Koh Samui:
    Muslim Halal Food N9 30.873 E100 03.031
    Halal restaurant       N9 30.868 E100 03.029

                                    N9 26.541 E100 01.408

10) Hua Hin:
    Near bus station N12 28.381 E99 53.726

Central Thailand

11) Bangkok:
      Oasis International N13 44.698 E100 33.201
      Phattanakan N13 43.673 E100 36.600

      Suhada Islam N13 46.506 E100 38.985

Northern Thailand

12) Kanchanaburi:
      New Chalalai N14 00.719 E99 32.892
      Restaurant 1 N14 01.264 E99 31.971
      Restaurant 2 N14 02.436 E99 30.951

13) Nakhon Sawan:
      Along Tak to Nakhon Sawan N16 19.869 E99 27.271

14) Phitsanulok:
      Pakistan Restaurant N16 49.237 E100 15.973

15) Chiang Mai:
         Near mosque at Chiang Mai town N18 47.132 E99 00.143
      Near Mosque at Mae Sariang N18 09.560 E97 55.710
      Near Fang N19 54.032 E99 02.384
      Arabia Muslim restaurant N18 46.960 E99 00.074

16) Chiang Rai:
      Restaurant at Mae Sai N20 26.485 E99 52.952

This post just for information only. Blogger not responsible if the premis no longer running business or closed during the visit. TQ..



  1. terima kasih bebanyak bro atas daya usaha ko untuk publish info yg sangat berguna ni.

    sedikit sebanyak boleh jd guide line masa berkelana kat tempat orang.

    1. InsyaAllah.. harap2 sama2 dpt bantu antara satu sama lain...

  2. alhamdulillah..mmg sgt berguna info ni..

    1. t.kasih.. harap sama2 kita bole berkongsi..

  3. In Laos, vang vieng, luang prabang and vientiane. There us always nazim restaurant in each of the place I mentioned.

  4. ade x makanan halal kat danang, vietnam

  5. Salam..any suggestions halal food di ranong? Tq bos..

  6. 14.043285,99.505692

    River Kwai Bridge train station.
    At the end of Souvenir Ctr & Jewellery Market, next to toilet

  7. 14.043285,99.505692

    River Kwai Bridge train station.
    At the end of Souvenir Ctr & Jewellery Market, next to toilet