Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ride To Betong, Thailand

11 June 2011. Meeting point @ R&R Rawang..This is my very 1st ride with VOG (Versys Owner Group) gangs.. Bro Shawal, Zuri, Jeff, Chor Aidil, Faisal & Me represent VOG to conquer Thailand earth.. (hahaha to Betong only..). The ride was also called as 'White Elephant Expedition'.. hahaha Tooooo Much haah??.. 

Flag-off by Khairul Azman, Collin, Shahadan and Chon (Chon supposedly join the ride but he excused during the last second..)..

Water? - Checked, Camera? - Checked...

During this time.. Faisal still didnt appear.. Walawei alwazz late comer la this Faisal.. kihkih...

Me ready..

Bye-bye... c U..!!

Rest for Oxygen @ R&R Tapah..  Even got sign on top of the head.. haaaa 

I bring all 3 boxes.. got many toy inside to bring.. kekeke..

Chor Aidil showing his skills in taking corner.. can see fire spark (box touching the premix)... No laaa.. joking only...!!

The weather.... clear @ cool....

@ the border.. Pengkalan Hulu (Perak) and Betong, Thailand 

Photoshoot @ border..

Versys relax after +- 370 kilometer of journey.. (1 Way)

Passport checking & chop @ Betong Imigration. After this, need to enter Custom section before entering Betong..

We choose this hotel as suggested by Bro Shawal..

Check-in time... nearly 2.00pm Thailand time.. (3.00pm Malaysia Time)

This is the place where we hv lunch.. Thailand Muslim Stall in Betong..

Relax @ Hotel Lobby...  Haiiyaaa.. cameramen with his cigarette smoke..

Clock Tower @ Betong, Thailand

Night View...
Swallows on the wires.. Too many overhead wires... Too many swallows.. & too many bird-shit...

The next day.. 12 June 2011 morning.. Time to go back

Relax a while @ bus stop near Petronas @ Grik. Here my handphone got line oredy...

We have our lunch here... 

Reached R&R Ulu Bernam.. Versys the Best..!!

Thank you guys...U Guys rock!! Riding with u guys was an exiciting experience... 

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