Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Versys Accersories - Acumen Gear Indicator + Voltmeter

Bought this thing from Singapore. Now easier to indicate the gear. Can monitor battery life also!


Gear position is calculated from the relationship between the engine speed and the road speed. This information comes from the electrical pulses fed to the tacho and speedo. Once the DGV has this information and it has learned the relationship between the frequency of speedo pulses to tacho pulses in first gear it can then recognise the distinct change in this relationship for the remaining gears.

Wiring information

Price @ Singapore. Quite expensive compared to here (Selling by shahadan). What to do.. i bought this thing too early..

Firstly i went to Sunvay cycle to do the wiring... After waiting for quite sometime...they fail to make it done!!!.. Might be Something wrong.. & the best part was... they blame that the things already damaged!! Cheap...! 

Ah Hoi

Trying many times but still fail..

After that I went to Sunny Cycle.. Panjang make it done with very nice work !

Tadaaa... Nice nice!!

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  1. As salam bro..tumpang tanya acumen gear indicator nie berape harga & sunny cycle nie kat mana? Leh bg alamat tak?tQvm