Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ride to Kota Bahru & Betong, Thailand

Actually i really hate to write. but I think i need to start somewhere... if I didn't start here ..I will not write forever..

This is my ride to Kota Bahru Kelantan and Betong, Thailand. (16-18th September 2011)

This is my machine.. Kawasaki Versys.. my riding apparels?.. i will post about it later.. now, stick to the title... ride to KB & Betong.. haha...

The journey start from Sungai Buloh R&R... when i was arrived to the RV point, i saw Bro Mazlan aka Bintang 3 and Chon already arrived... 4 of us (Bintang 3, Chon, Kayrun & me) will start the ride from here. We will meet Tepu Ako & Hakim @ simpang pulai.

The Route will be KL - Simpang Pulai - Cameron Highland - Kota Bahru - Betong - KL..

We stopped a while @ Gopeng. To Chon's hometown. From right: Chon, Dr Kayrun, Chon's mother. and bike..haha..

We refueled @ Petronas Simpang Pulai before continue ride to KB (via Cameron Highland - Gua Musang - Kuala Krai).... the will be no petrol station until reaching Gua Musang.. (Pic: Bintang 3 & Tepu Ako)

Special post by My Caltex Tan (1st from right)... he come to say safe ride to us as he cannot join the ride..

My 'On board' camera angle... Chon & Hakim showing off their Hepco & Becker box to me..!!

rest @ Machang having 'Tuak'

We safely arrived to Kota Bahru Around 4pm & Check-in @ budget hotel near Pantai Cinta Berahi (We are all riders!! haa!)

Time to eat laaah!! Wat else..!

Hakim, Ako & Faisal.. Eh.. forgot to mention.. Faisal also join the ride... he was riding solo from bangi to Gua Musang... Salute to u Bro..!

The next day.. as early as 8am.. we are all ready to make a move... from KB to Betong, Thailand.. The route will be Rantau panjang - Jeli - Grik - Pengkalan Hulu - Betong..


With Ako

Imigration Complex @ Rantau Panjang

This is to prove that i've been here.. haha...

This 4 guys hold the breath for this photoshoot.. hahaha...

Jersey @ rantau panjang....

We stop a while  for a drinks @ this place.. can see Titiwangsa Mountain clearly from here..

Not forgotten... Group photo.. luckily kayrun bring the tripod..

And also.. single photo.. haahaha...

 We also stopped @ Tasik Banding.. another grouping photoshoot..

Kayrun about to enter border.. passport checking.. me next.. We safely arrived @ Betong around 3.30pm..& Check-in @ Thai Hotel..

Visit Piyamit Tunnel on the Next day...Piyamit Tunnels - tunnels excavated by the Malay communists in 1976 to avoid bombardment by the Malaysian government. The Pyamit Tunnels stretches for over one kilometer (2 miles) in the jungle. The tunnel was dug by the Malay Communists Party fighting for their ideologies in the 70s'. It served as a hide-out with resting and sleeping areas, and a cooking area. There is a museum that displayed the artilleries and communications tools used during the party occupancy.

Hole-ly shit..

This tunnel was built by communist to hide from Thai Government after they escape from Tanah Melayu..

Bintang 3 showing his communist face..

Bye2 communist... u no more in Malaysia & Thailand..

Me, my bike & the tunnel.. ahahhaha..

I'm having fun.. best..

Bye2.. goin back to Mesia.. Home sweet home..

The ride was really fun.. Thanks GOD for the meaningful life... yehaa.. cant wait for next ride..

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