Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ride to Chumphon, Thailand - Bike Week

Koh Samui Gateway.. 3rd day, 8th October 2011. Check-out @ 8am (Malaysia Time). We plan going to Ranong (Myanmar Border) to take some pictures & stay a nite there. 

Briefing. GPS, camera, water, etc etc.. everything ready....

Group photo before leaving Koh Samui

@ Ferry Port...  Samui to Donsak

The ticket

Waiting ferry to arrive

With Shahadan

Versys inside the ferry

Breakfast inside ferry

Meeting on 4th floor

No wonder this guy missing.. sleeping here

Petrol inside the island very expensive.. full tank @ Donsak..

Going to Ranong....

Heavy rain hit us during the journey. We arrived @ Chumphon around 5pm.  For safety reason, we have to stay here @ Chumphon. Coincidently, there was Chumphon bike week here!

@ Chumphon Bike Week!

She was really dirty.. riding on the rain...

Chumphon cowboy..

Interview from Thailand media...
We all here!

Leaving the place first as we need to find some food & Hotel..

Eat here.. Muslim Restaurant @ Chumphon..  tell u the truth..  they got very nice food!!

Going to bike week again after check-in the hotel & shower...

Concert @ the bike week... It was really happening here..!

Thailand Bikers

Buying Bike Week Stickers

This bike crazy huh??

This bike doesnt need reflectors.. Already glow in the dark....

I think thousand of bikes..!
The Jackets.. even BMW jackets here quite cheap..

Spotted Thailand Versys..

The Route... Distance about 260 Kilometers from Donsak..

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  1. hi .. any adea whats the Halal Restaurant location in chumphon and is there any hotel nearby. TQ