Thursday, May 24, 2012

Motorcycle Lane in Malaysia

Why some of the bikers in Malaysia doesnt use the provided motorcycle lane facilities???

Answer :
???? It might because of safety issues... There is some parts of motorcycle lane in Malaysia not safe to use.....


1) Narrow lane
- not suitable for superbike especially motorcycles with panniers / sidebox

2) Dangerous corners / super-elevation 
- sharp corners, suddently got tunnels, geometrically (vertical/un-even surface)

3) Improper maintenance
- Got potholes, flooded especially after raining, premix surface covered by sand..

4) Hitting Nails
- some say it was a syndicate.. after the tyres punctured, suddenly got a rescuer who offer help to fix the tyre.. but the charges was so expensive!!

Got issues also some of the motorcycles rider had been robbed at the motorcycle lane..especially at night..

Photo taken from internet / blogs... just for sake of discussion only...

improper surface / potholes


Narrow temporary lane / sharp turn

Sometimes things like this happen.. kahkah..

Dangerous curves & not so big tunnel

Some parts of improved motorcycle lane in Malaysia

Motorcycle lane at other country..

Massive Motorcycle protest at France in 2010..
Do we need to do this??

I think no need to do things like this.. The Govenment know already what the bikers need.. It just matter of improve..


  1. Good pointer. Maybe I'll go on KESAS motorcycle lane on a video and let them see how screwed up, an afterthought and discriminating they can be to us.

    1. These arent their shoes.. huhu..