Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 2 Patong Beach at Phuket

25 October 2012. 2nd day at Phuket. The initial plan was full the day with island tour (incl. Phi phi and James Bond Island..).. Due to bad weather and choppy water (info from boatman), both of us just hangout at the Patong Beach.. We also decided to go to Karon (Highest Point in Phuket)...

Patong beach.. Still early in the morning..

The rough water just started at Patong


Its windy...

During a walk, suddenly somebody calling my name... "Oit..Orang Kampung!!" I just cant believe it looking at this two familiar faces.. they also in the town..

Group photo before Rimee Hassan & Wifey + his friend going down to Hat Yai..

With "Orang Kampong".. Mr. Hamdan Roslan

Hahaha... Measuring for my new suit before heading to Karon...

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