Thursday, October 25, 2012

MotoGP 2012 Kawasaki Convoy (Part 1)

21 October 2012 (Sunday - Race Day)
RV Point : Titiwangsa Lake Garden, KL
Destination : Sepang International Circuit (SIC)

20 October 2012 (Saturday)... 1 day before event. Marshall Meeting & Registration Camp setup

Koperal Shukri

THE NEXT DAY: 21 October. Race at Titiwangsa on the same day

Chief Marshall Koperal Shukri (My "Orang Kampong") giving instruction to the convoy..

Celebrity Rashidi Ishak also join the convoy

Prayer before get rolling

Everybodies ON THE BIKE!!!!

Rolling rolling rolling!!!

About to arrived SIC... Traffic Jammed!!!

Kawasaki bikes dedicated parking space

Coming Soon!!! : MotoGP 2012 Kawasaki Convoy (Part 2)
Check-it out!!! huhuhuhu!!! TQVM for stopping here...

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