Friday, October 4, 2013


People passionate for adventure, riding for long distances, knows the importance of security,comfort and strength of the accessories. These concepts guided GIVI in the design of theTrekker Outback, the perfect side cases for people loving the off-road thrill and ready to face the hardest situations. 

The Trekker Outback is Givi’s first squared case entirely made in aluminum and it is available in two models, 37 and 48 litres.

This new model has all the characteristics to give you a great riding experience and a unique ease of use. It is characterized from a great resistance to shocks and stresses of extreme off road conditions, thanks to the aluminum structure and the brand new system Monokey-Cam side (Patent Pending), made especially for this innovative product.

The Trekker Outback is an assurance of security and comfort: a unique key will operate the opening/closing system, even the coupling and release of it from the motorbike.

The particular squared design offers a great loading capacity and, the chance of a complete detach of the upper cover makes this model essential for long travels.

Trekker Outback is a product you cannot miss, it is absolutely essential for passionate motorbike adventures.

Dismantle my E450 Simply & V35 set. It was installed on 3rd May 2011 (view installation HERE) but still in very good condition due to carefully take care..

V35 & E450 with new owner (Bro Faris).. Gonna miss u !! Welcome Trekker Outback!

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  1. Assalamualaikum tuan...

    Nak tanya sikit, masa beli pannier tu ada nampak top box Trekker Outbox? takpun Trekker 52ltr ke...Sekian terima kasih tuan...