Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ride to Phuket, Thailand - Part 1 (The Journey & Nite Life)

Last week, while some of the friends heading to Laos & Kanchanaburi, Irman & me went to Phuket (Southern Thailand only!!!). For total distances about 2300km (return), travelling this time was filled with unforgetable riding experiences.

After dealing with immigration & custom @ Bukit Kayu Hitam (Danok), our journey in Thailand started at route 4 @ Sadao, then we straight to Surat Thani via Patthalung (route 41). Before we reach Surat Thani, we took a side route 4009 & entering route 44 to Phang-nga then to Patong Beach, Phuket via route 402. On the return journey, we choosed different route (via route 4) pass through Krabi & Trang & then to Hat Yai....
The journey..

Bring important things only... passport, motorcycle grants, GPS, Map, Camera, Phone for Thai & Malaysia Number, Travel Adapter, toiletries & some clothing. All tools & motorcycle repair kit already inside bike panniers.
25 November 2011 Sharp 3.00am @ Sungai Buloh R&R


Arrived @ Gurun around 6.30am & arrived @ Changloon around 7.30am to buy Insurance & change money..

Here we buy insurance & change the money

Arrived @ border.. Settle imigration and custom matters

We have quite heavy breakfast @ Danok before continue riding to Phuket

Have to bringout the tools coz two of my flatfoot screws were missing

Remove the flatfoot before it lose during the ride

Here we hv breakfast

Stopped somewhere @ Phattalung for drinks.. Heavy rain started here..

Stopped a while again to check the map.. finding side route 4009 connecting route 44 to Phuket

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Heavy rain stopped here..

My dirty lady

Found the side route to Phuket

Somewhere @ route 44. Stop for smoking..

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Stopped @ Thao Thep Krasattri Bridge for some photo shooting. Based on some reading, this bridge is the newer of the two parallel bridges connecting Phuket to mainland Thailand at Phangnga Province. Located next to Sarasin Bridge, it was named after Than Phuying Chan the main heroine who along with her sister Khun Muk, disguised themselves as men and overcame Burmese forces that invaded Phuket in 1785. The Heroines' Monument was erected to honor them. Highway 402, the main road running from Thao Thepkrasattri Bridge through Phuket is similarly named Thep Krasattri, as is town along its way. 

Fisherman jetties facing Andaman Sea

Thao Thep Krasattri Bridge next to Sarasin Bridge

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Entering Phuket

Phuket Checkpoint

Heading to Patong Beach

Arrived @ Phukett!!! Yaaahoooo..!!!

Massive traffic jams near phuket town.

The mosque in Patong

Bangla Road @ daytime

Arrived @ hotel around 5pm.  Becoz of the traffic jam, we took nearly 1 hour to reach here. Time to my versys take her good rest...

Walk around Shop @ Patong..

Having snacks -Banana / Mango Pan Cake with Chocolate / Honey... yummy...!!!

Hv our dinner here. "Orient Reastaurant". An Arabic restaurant @ Patong, Phuket. But the wierd thing is that they also selling alcoholic drinks???? Yeah of coz they sell for non-muslim..

Beside arabic food they also serves Thai and seafood dishes

Walk around Bangla Road...

Bangla Road @ nighttime....Bangla Road in Patong Beach awakens when the sun sets. That's when the liveliest party zone of Phuket becomes closed to traffic and ready for action! This is the center of Phuket nightlife and perhaps all southern Thailand. Famous for its nightlife, Bangla Road or Soi Bangla goes all out to entertain with its outdoor beer bars and music Clubs and shows. You cant walk along Soi Bangla without seeing and extraordinary site. This place is a marvel.

14hours of riding, 995kilometers (from home)...



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