Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY - Fork Protector

Yesterday, since i've nothing to do, here i share some photo of my home-made DIY fork protector for my Versys.. During 4 versys travel from KL to London lead by Kapten Azizi, there was a fork leaking case.. It was due to impurities on the surface of the fork which was not cleaned...

 So take it as lesson-learned.. i try to make my own version of fork protector...  There was also an advanced idea from my versys friends on how to DIY this thing (using Velcro Strap etc..).. But i just cant wait.. I just make the simple one.. Hopefully it will work as i wish.. 

Using this black rubber, scissors & glue. I found & pick this black rubber @ the road side.. It was mashed by cars so it look poor already.. Better than nothing..!!

Measure, cut into size & connect it together if not large enough..

This is how it looks.. inside..

After glue..

Attach the rubber @ fork.. Then stick it together..

Almost finished..

Turn the rubber so that the nice surface facing infront..

Finished on the left side..

Repeat same step for the right side..

This is How It Looks.. & How It Made..

Tested... 100% works!!.. Now.. Really hope it can lasting....

30 minutes DIY for Fork Protector.. & the best part.. without spending any $$$$.... Continue polishing my Versys after that..  Yeaahhh!!!

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