Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ride Patin Tempoyak, Temerloh, Pahang

1st February 2012.. Wednesday.. The day was a public holiday for W.P Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya & Labuan..(Federal Territory day).. Hmm.. even though it was a public holiday..., I am still in my medical leave.. as my feet sprained due to minor accidents during my way to office about a week ago..Rode my motorcub Yamaha LC 135 cc during the time.. Today, 7 days has passed.. the feet pain has reduced but it still there.. The big problems is.. I can feels that other pain began to come.. HEADACHE !!! It may be due to no exercise at all during a week..

Couples of days before that, my friend M. Faisal had planned an event (using Facebook "Event" thingy). It was Patin Tempoyak Ride to temerloh.. Since i already can ride the bike (70-80% fit) & have nothing to do at home.. i've decided to join this ride.. BTW, Faisal was 1 of my best bikers-friend.. So it is "a-must" to support his event...

The journey was like this....

8.30am sharp. Arrived at RV point @ Petronas Bandar Seri Putera Bangi. Where the hell is everybody???  Night before.. inside VOG Facebook, there was a lot of postings & comments about motor bike fatal accidents.. So I was thinking.. whether this morning event has been canceled?? Called Faisal.. luckily he pickup the phone & ask me to wait...!!!



Faisal & Sazali

Fazlie, Utomen, Mazran aka Bonk, Azuna, Suria & other fren arrived..

The never ending chit-chat about the bike.. Bikers-style..!

Faisal starts the briefing.. discuss about the routes & safety. Faisal was the convoy leader.. i'm the sweeper.. 

Everybodies listening.. "Perlahan-lahan sudahh!!" ("Just slow ride"..quote by faisal)

A prayer lead by Sazali...

Gentlemen.. Starts your engine!
Having Breakfast @ Lenggeng..Nasi Lemak Sambal ikan bilis here was Superbb!

Continue ride after that & arrives @ Bera!

Group Photo @ Bera (Photo credit to Utomen!!) Nice Photo

Arrived @ Pak Usop's Patin Restaurant, Temerloh

This is what we looking for... Patin Tempoyak..!!!

Other menu served here..

New price !!!! hahaha!

The head...

& Tail.. u choose which one u like...

We started without looking around..

After eating, Utomen was changed... Hahaha!!

Group photo @ Pak Usop's restaurant.. Going back to KL after that..

On the way back to KL, we stopped here @ Genting Sempah. We will separate after this..

Some of the friends decided to go to Lobaikers (Lobai Nazri's House)

Some of friend decided to going back home (Including me!!).. Actually during the time.. i started feel the pain from my foot.. argghh..!!!

Total mileage for today..341km..Me safely arrived home.. Alhamdulillah everything went smooth.. Thanks to M. Faisal & friends..!!! See u guys on next event.. Hopefully my foot can heal faster.. uwaaaa!!!

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  1. Nice story and good pics bro. Well done. And ... GWS.