Monday, April 2, 2012

Ride to Cameron Highlands

31st March 2012, Saturday. 8.45am, RV Point @ RnR Sungai Buloh. 8 Bikes including myself heading to Cameron Highlands. The route: KL-Simpang Pulai (via PLUS)-Tringkap (via Pos Slim)-Brinchang-Tanah Rata-Ringlet-Tapah (via curly route 59) -KL (via PLUS).
Stopped here @ R&R Simpang Pulai for petrol.
Adi (Addy Glock) with his wife joined the convoy..but they are heading to Penang..

Ombak Rindu couple: Azreen & his wife 

Take the time to install my "overlander" seat

Will exit PLUS after this..heading to Cameron..

Met Ostad @ Simpang Pulai..

Route Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highland via Pos Slim

This bike already went to London.. hehehe.. (Capt. Azizi's bike before)

Calvin (Tickle Tackle) with his "Liverpool" Pannier..

Johan Ponijan with his V1000

Arrived @ Cameron Highland. Group Photo here..

For some of the Photo.. Credit to Utomen!!!

Stopped here for Strawberry juice, strawberry-chocolate & buy some Strawberries to bring home..


Heading to Gunung Brinchang

Curve & narrow road..

Utomen busy taking pictures... including pictures of other visitors..heee..

Breezy..... make myself really comfortable here..

All of us having fresh tea here..

Group photo here..

Group photo @ the farm..

Having late lunch here..somewhere near strawberry park resort..

Traffic jams @ Tanah Rata..

Route 59.. Ringlet to Tapah.. On the way back to KL

This couple take the opportunity to buy Petai!! 

Hahahaha!.. Help! Help! Cramp!!!

Stop here..  Met antu ijaw & wife.. This couple on their way from KL to Tanah Rata.. At 5pm??? Hurmm..!!

Girls talk dirty.. about bike...

Arrived @ Tapah..  Suddenly this guy collapse.. No laar.. he just want to lay there.. 

After a shortbreakall of us set off towards R&R Ulu Bernam. Having dinner there. We then separate @ Ulu Bernam. Myself safely arrived home around 9pm. TQ guys for a wonderful trip. See u guys on next ride...

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