Saturday, April 14, 2012

Simple Cleaning My© Shoei Multitec Helmet

Hi all..
Because there is nothing need to be done recently, I made use of the time by cleaning my helmet...

The steps,
Step 1: Clean the visor and small part..
Step 2: Clean and polish the helmet...
Step 3: Spray the cushion using Febreeze...
Step 4: Hang dry the helmet

My© Shoei Multitec

Open the visor

Look at this part

Pull the part as shown direction

Pull and remove the visor

Do same step for the other side. Clean the visor.

Visor removed already...

After remove the visor, look at this 2 part...

using coin, open this 2 part and clean all small parts..

re-install all parts... Daaaaa..!!! My blink-blink helmet.. Now i can wear with stylish and confident.. Tq to Chon aka Shamsuri Mohamed for the guidance..

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