Saturday, February 16, 2013


Ouch.. !!
My ride to Pattaya Thailand almost 3 weeks passed. Now only can upload all the photo.. What a busy month!! 

I still remember how Darryl Adrien (new friend from "Iron Butt Rider Facebook") poisoning me to accompany him ride to Bangkok then to Pattaya?!!! "Bro.. please bring the glove tonite at Sg Buloh r&r.. I want to buy it.. If u dont come, I dont have any glove to wear.." . Thats how it get started..

Charging all of the gadgets before the ride..  

Arrived at Sg Buloh RnR about 1am... 

Arrived  Gurun around 5.30 am. Regroup with Hotbike (Penang Motorcycle Group). Same destination to Pattaya bike week!

Arrived Dannok.. i saw solo Versys parked in-front of this KPK Legend Hotel.. hmmm this bike look veryyy familiar... ohhhh it was Irman.. hahaha.. What he is doing here!!!

Initially Irman planning to go to Samui alone.. He said :  "I want to capture pictures of sunrise and sunset at Samui..!!" Hmm.. this guy is weird.. Malaysia dont have Sun??!!

Somewhere at Patthalung.. here where irman decided to follow me to Pattaya.. Haaaaaa... Really weird guy!

Arrived muslim restaurant at Chaam for our dinner.. It was my second long Iron Butt Ride.. approximately 1500km from my house to Chaam in 24hrs.. My 2nd personal record!!! huhu!!

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