Monday, July 16, 2012

DIY Reflectors for My© Panniers

Last 2 weeks, there is an exhibition organized by the road safety divison at my office. One of the participating companies; 3M Malaysia Sdn Bhd (company based at PJ - display their products at the display booth...  I'm very impressed with reflective decal-sticker displayed at the booth..suddently this idea crossed in my mind...

I ask a little sample of the sticker.. so that i can do research project.. hahaha..

BEFORE: My V with simple and small reflective sticker..

very quality reflective sticker.. normally reflective signboard at the road used this..

Other materials

BEFORE: Existing Panniers

Cut into shape

BEFORE (before torched by light)


Other angle

get a piece of A4 paper

Cut into Shape - Any shape you like LAH!!

Try at the pannier

Cut the sticker

Stick it at the panniers..



Other angle

If the flash from camera direct to the sticker 


How its look when attached at the bike.. (engine still off... light from reflective stickers only)... Alhamdulillah can save money.. no need to install blink2 lighting at the back which is cost money & head ache if got any wiring problem...

TQ for stop by here...


  1. Very creative and nice bro. Memang jimat dan berkesan. Kalu boleh potong ikut mata harimau ka..lagi sempoi tengok dari belakang, macam ada mata memandang dalam gelap...heeheehee...

  2. Hee.. ye betol2..Bernas idea tuu.. nampak mcm kene skodeng dari gelap kan.. version yang nih sengaja potong besar2 supaya effect reflect tuh kaw2 punyaaa.. heee.. TQ bro..

  3. Great safety feature by you, Zul. By the way, where can i actually buy this DIY safety reflector sticker? Any motorcycle accessories shop?