Friday, July 20, 2012

Pre-Ramadhan Ride - Awana Genting & Solo Tour to Johor

Pre-Ramadhan Ride?? hmmm... yes.. Its going to be 1 month rest for my bike (i hope so).  So, before she relax, get her a stroll.... Photo report on Awana & Genting Highlands with the buddies and also Solo Johor Tour:

Awana and Genting Highlands

Solo Tour - Johor

Find the peak

Arrived Mersing. Try to collect the information about Tioman Island at the jetty.. Might be my next destination. Hmm..  cannot bring the bike there. The road facility in the island was not in good condition. There is Cargo ferry service from Mersing to Tioman but only for goods like food and construction material... A guy in the photo is Mr Shuko, the CEO of Cargo Company...

This is passenger jetty to Tioman Island. It takes 1 hour from here to Tioman and the fare was RM35 for adult (One Way).. Hmmmm.... !!

There are 4 islands close to Tioman which is Besar Island, Tengah Island, Hujung Island and Rawa Island...

Photo of the offered package. "Anyone who wants to come here have to make an early booking as this place usually fully booked by the Singaporean (Singapore to Jetty = 2 hours only).."... Thats the info from Mr. Shuko.

Background: The other 4 islands.. (From right: Besar, Tengah, Hujung and Rawa Islands). Tioman Islands is a big island compared with this four... It located behind Hujung and Rawa Island at this photo... Cannot see in at the photo.. THATS WHY I NEED NEW CAMERA... HUAAAA!!! 

From Google Earth view..

Other angle of the island from mainland...

Entrance to Passenger Jetty

Check-in at Havanita Hotel, Mersing

Continue the journey on next day...

Air Papan beach

Reached the end of the tour: Johor Bahru.

Travelling back to KL.. Its time for her to get a good rest... Wait for next ride after Raya.... Happy Fasting To All Muslim.. TQ for reading....

End of report... 

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