Friday, July 13, 2012

My© Visit to Lobaikers

Brought my bike to Lobaikers that day... Thank you very much to Lobai for the lovely treat...of coz not to me Lah..!! Lovely treat to my Versys Lah..!!

1. Engine Oil - change
2. Oil Filter - change
3. Air Filter - change
4. Air Filter Bucket? (I dont know the name of the part) - clean
5. Spark Plug - change
6. Exhaust Tip - welding
7. Handle Bar Riser - installation
8. Leak Disc Brake - service

Welcome to Lobaikers. Lobai can be contact at 014-2250454... Or try to search Lobai Pipit in Facebook...

hidden dirt that no one knows ..

Ohh Emm Geee!! ... My© Air Filter after about 25000km...

New BMC Air Filter.. U can get from Lobaikers..  RM 300 SIAP PASANG (Including installation)

My old spark plug. Lobai told me a lesson that the small thing on top of the spark plug can be broken and it will fall into the engine system. Then it will cause severe damage to engine...

This is the old one.. U can get New Original Iradium Spark Plug for RM50 Siap Pasang. Only at Lobaikers... 

DIY Screw liner / washer. Made from engine oil bottle created by Lobai..

My leaking disc brake... This thing can happen without any reason. After magic touch from Lobai, that part can function as normal !! and without changing any new things!!  New Things mean EXTRA COST!!

some welding works as the exhaust tip easily can fall off...

"Look at the petrol tube. It was not properly installed.." (Told by Lobai).. This is what happen is you send your bike to wrong place / workshop. The wrong mechanics will just install it in easy way...

This is how it look after proper installation.. TQVM for ur Magic and Lovely Touch to my Versys Lobaiiiii Pipitttt...!!!!!


  1. salam bro... lobaikers ni kat area mana? batu caves ke? ingat nak gi melawat gak... hehe


  2. Yer.. Lobaikers dekat belah2 batu caves bro.. bole contact Lobai pipit direct.. no tepon kat atas tuuu..hehe..

  3. Ninja 250 boleh hantar servis sana tak?

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