Monday, May 30, 2011

Charity Ride Ulu Langat

On 21st of May 2011, Hulu Langat, a landslide hit an orphanage killing 13 and leaving three still buried. Firemen and villagers managed to pull out nine soon after the landslide hit Rumah Anak Yatim Hidayah, Madrasah Al-Takwa, Jalan Felcra Semungkus, 14th mile, Hulu Langat, near Kajang at 2.30pm. At 10.45pm, a boy was pulled out alive after being buried for over eight hours. 
On 28th of May 2011 (Saturday), as a concerned citizen, me & few friends pay a visit to the place... Here some photo during the visit...
With help of Bro Saif (Tuan Saif), some of the outriders join to escort us from RV point to the place

Some briefing before going to the place

Another safety briefing by Saif..

Going to charity ride also bring all 3 boxes.. hahaha..!!
The house & the landslide...

Another view of the place

Arrived @ YADIM Training Centre. Welcome briefing by the caretaker

Faisal - Sleeping??

Mingle with the orphanage

Group Photo...


Barrel of Barbican in the house..!

Preparation for dinner

Dinner Time

The menu...

Solat & Some motivation to the orphanage..

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