Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Versys Accersories - Rear Hugger, Front Extender, Bobbin, Radiator Cover, Paddock Stand

2nd Project was installation of Rear Hugger, Front Extender, Bobbin & Radiator Cover for my Versys. The item was supply & install by Badaru Hisham a.k.a Bard. Bard also versys rider / overlander. He already went to Himalayas Mountain India using Versys.. U saw a guy went to Himalaya in Kawasaki Versys Catalogue..that was him..
The Shop (Bard Friend's Shop) @ Glenmarie

Front Extender

Radiator Cover

Rear Hugger

Bobbin... i choosed the silver one!

Installation by Bard

I also bought paddock stand (Heavy duty-with 2 Wheels).. Total Damage??? Huargghhh..!!

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