Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Versys Accersories - SW Motech Engine Guard & Barkbuster HandGuard

4th project.. On 26th of May 2011, I went to TWG.. Two Wheel Garage @ Glenmarie to install SW Motech Engine Guard & Barkbuster Hand Guard. There are varies of after market brands for the item.. but i choosed Motech for Engine Guard & Barkbuster for handguard coz they look cool to me.. haahaha..  Actually engine guard & Handguard are the most important accersories to fix.. to protect engine & hand if xcidents happen..

 Abang Man (Azman Baharuddin) the Managing Director / TWG Owner watching his mechanics. Before i miss Abg Man is one of the hardcore overlander in Malaysia. He already conquer the europe land in several times.. He also the organizer and the rider during 2010 'Kembara Bumi Suci' expedition.. riding from Putrajaya to Mekah.. Salute to u Bro!

Engine Guard kawwwtimmm..! 

 Install the handguard..  look at the other bikes @ TWG.. walawei... !!

I met this Bro (forgot his name already) @ the shop..  Puuuhhh!!! look at his leg.. He must be hardcore rider..!!

 Engine Guard & Hand Guard Kawtim..!

 Another view..

That Bro showing the others how he change the gear..

Fooohhh..! she so hot & wet!!!

Total Damage??? Argghhhh!!!


  1. What the damage for the handguard bro?

  2. Bro, how much damage for the e. Guard n where u bought it.