Friday, March 9, 2012

Ride to Koh Samui (Island Tour Day 1-Hinta Hinyai, Na Mueng Waterfall, etc)

Still on Day 2 (2nd March 2012) Around 4.30pm local time... My brother & me starts visiting the place.. Both of us shared 1 bike only..

Heyy.. Another Malaysian are here..wakaka.. Irman aka Panglima Jebat, Hadi & The Gangs...

1st place to visit...

Hadi & convoy...

the 'papa'...

the 'mama'..

Hadi , Irman & Convoy leaving Hinta Hinyai..

Shops near the place..selling surverniors..

Leaved Hinta Hinyai.. Heading to Na Mueng Waterfalls...

Banana for sale?

Na Mueng Waterfall.. to the left....!!

Arrived here...

Hadi & the gangs are here already...

Waterfall entrance.. Need to pay 40baht (RM4.00) for the entry.. "Every 40baht will help them to keep the nature clean.." hoooyeaahh..!! agreed!!

The Na Mueng falls lie south of the island's central peaks, at about the midway point between the two coasts. A paved entrance road leads off the main street connecting Hua Thanon, south of Lamai, to Nathon. There are actually two tiers to the falls. The higher tier requires some trekking, on foot or elephant, to reach. The lower tier is 30 meters high with water cascading over a sheer rock face into a deep pool that can be nice for swimming if there aren't too many other people. Along the path leading to the falls from the parking area are several souvenir stalls as well as some food stalls that can prepare 'real' Thai food at quite reasonable prices compared to many of the island's restaurants.

What he is trying to do??

@ the waterfall..

cooling down... huhuhuhu!!

On the way to find dinner, all of us visiting the Muslim Fishermen Village.. the same place i've visited last year.. 

the community here..


Going back to hotel..

As my brother & me have met the gangs... both of us agreed to have dinner with the them.. The more the merrier.. So.. while waiting dinner time..its time to the beach again..!!

really relaxing..!!!

all of us will going to Lamai Plaza area for dinner.. Check it out here:...

Ride to koh samui-nakhon si thammarat  <== Click this link!
Ride to Hat yai-seatran ferry  <== Click this link!
Ride to Hat yai-nite @  Hat yai <== Click this link!


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