Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ride to Koh Samui (Nakhon Si Thammarat -Donsak)

2nd day of ride already... as early as 7.00am (8am Malaysia Time), both of us check-out from Thai Hotel Nakhon Si Thammarat & heading to Donsak. First of all.. need to have breakfast... Most of the food here are superb..!!. So, it is a must to try .. hahaha..!!
Have our breakfast here near Masjid Solu-Hutdin, Nakhon Si Thammarat
She's looking @ us.. wakakaka.. Good Morning!

Chicken Rice @ early morning?? hmmm nice!!

Sewing table converted to dining table...heee..!!

eat while watching this 2 ladies..hee..

Additional chicken.. Superb laa..!!


Continue the ride after finished breakfast. This is the junction from nakhon to donsak via 4103 bypass. The bypass will connect to route 401 (costal road) to Tha Sala-Sichon-Khanom & to Donsak.

another 116km to reach donsak. The plan was to try to catch the ferry at 10.00 am..

Stopped for a while here near Khanom.. just to double-check the route with the map..

we are on the right route!

Finally arrived here @ the pier.. Wohooo!! On the ferry after this!!!

To Samui!!!... They charge 250baht (RM25 Malaysia) for 1 bike including 1 person..

10.00 am..Ferry about to move already..Not so much photo taken here...

Next entry will be about both of us on the ferry.. Check it out here..:

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