Monday, March 12, 2012

Ride to Koh Samui (Lamai Nite Life)

Day 1 at koh samui, Thailand end already (view story here: Ride-to-koh-samui-island-tour-day-1) All of us heading to Lamai Night Plaza (about 2km only from the hotel). The intention was to have dinner there...  After looking at happening nite life there... my appetite suddently disappeared!! hahaha.....
Irman: "Zul..Nothing wrong with this stall.. This is all seafood.. Look at her daughter face skin. no oil at all"
Me replied: "Yaa Sure!!..yup!... I'll order later.." (BTW, what is the relation between oily face with this stall??)  

The environment near the Lamai Plaza.. everything still under control.. the night is still early..!!

The Bars - hut shape..

Got Moon & Star signage for this stall.. so,its Halal..! ngee!!.. Nooo!..that signage actually for that 24hours shop..

My dinner.. Banana Pancake with Chocalate!!..

The stalls..

After dinner... Sightseeing, Shopping & Massatt-ing after this
We stopped here.. looking @ the rate... hmmm.. Me & my Brother wanna to relaxxx...!!

After few minutes relax with closed eyes... suddently i heard Irman's voice (Jebat).... aiyo.. he also here.. same with the others..

My Bro & me..

after massatt..hahaha !!...look @ the face...

Tshirt & survernior shop...

They sells nice design T-Shirt here..

Looking around & some Shopping @ the night Plaza..

Where is Roger & Paul..?? Both of them must be here...Hmmm..

Its Late night already..
Hadi & Convoy will leaving koh Samui tomorrow's morning....My brother looking @ the design (Tatoo Shop) & after that both of us back to hotel... sleeping..!!

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