Monday, March 26, 2012

Visiting Zulkawa Merchandise

9 Mac 2012.. Before this I heard that some of my fren went to Zulkawa to do makeover on their bikes.. So i've decided to visit the shop.. heehehehhe!!! Here i share the shop address & some of the photo...

Address: Located at Medan Selayang, Batu Caves, Selangor. (same row with PYOORR CYCLES-KTM Bikes Dealer)
Full adress:C-29-G,Jalan Medan Selayang 1,Medan Selayang Business Centre,68100,Batu Caves,Selangor
I dun know that Taiko Man has an office here!! I thought he was banker!!

They do al-most all of the creative thingy here... Stickers for bikes, helmets, tank pads, t-shirt printing etc etc....

They also sells apparels..

This is ready-design laminated sticker for versys.. Orrr...U can make ur own design... just discuss with the designer..

One of my fren's Bike (ayie's bike)... Versys-BMW look alike.. 

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